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United Way Germany

Our Goal

Our goal is to strengthen civil society and our community by mobilizing caring forces and helping those doing good achieve greater social impact.

United Way seeks to improve lives by mobilizing the caring powers of communities to advance the common good. Our focus is on education, income and health – the building blocks for a good quality of life. United Way Germany is represented by PHINEO, a leading think tank, non-profit consultancy, and successful implementation partner for effective civic engagement with more than 90 employees in Germany. Over a decade of PHINEO experience enriches our work as United Way Germany.

Our Vision

A World
where all individuals can lead a safe and prosperous life.
A Strong Civil Society
in which doing good and achieving impact go hand in hand.
A Social Engagement Landscape
in which social investors work together across sectors.

Our Mission

We help companies and their employees develop and implement civic engagement with real impact – locally, regionally, and globally.

We develop impact-oriented cross-sector partnerships to solve complex societal problems including collective impact initiatives.

We strengthen civil society organizations in the delivery of quality programs.

Our Impact

Thanks to those who join our programs, we improve thousands of live in Germany.

in one-off donations

Our Network
of Supporters & Partners

We are convinced that we can achieve more together and rely on a strong network of supporters, experts, and partners to turn our vision into reality.

Our Services

Activate your Employees with the help of our diverse engagement opportunities!

Workplace campaign

Leverage your employee’s generosity to create impact across your organization with donations to selected organizations. Show your support by matching your employees‘ donations up to a pre-determined amount!

Skills-Based Volunteering

Provide opportunities for your employees to use their skills to support local organizations master their day-to-day business and activities – from teaching Excel skills to project management and communications skills.

Hands-on Volunteering

Rally your employees for a day/month/set period of hands-on volunteering activities – from planting trees and recycling walks to toy drives and packing lunches.

Capacity Building

Provide key capacity building opportunities for non-profits and corporates by writing publications, hosting workshops, and sharing our expertise about Corporate Volunteering, Corporate Citizenship and Collective impact.


Become a Partner

We want to know how to help you, what you think of our work, what information you need to join our synergy, and anything else you want to share so we can continue to join forces.

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Contact us

Alina Nosenko
Alina Nosenko
Head of United Way Germany
Annika Köhne
Annika Köhne
Global Strategic Partnerships Manager
Wiebke Guelcibuk
Wiebke Guelcibuk
Head of Communications